• Konstantinos Nikas

    The harder the preparation, the better the celebration.
    • Wedding DJ
    • Co founder/ owner of Showtime Djs
    • Director of Ministry of music
    • Generation: Millenial

    My introduction to the creative world of DJing was about 20 years ago, when I borrowed my brother's cd-players and started training for a crazy student party. The feelings were so intense that I decided to follow a second career, besides computer science,as a wedding DJ.

    I am excited by modern, open minded couples, mainstream, pop or vintage music oriented, that dream of a real wedding PARTY, different than usual average parties

    I have the experience and the know-how of bringing every guest to the dancefloor, no matter the age or personal music taste. My music background helps me deal with any possible music requirement, from tradiotional greek music to latest greek or international dance hits.

    The key to success is that each wedding party is a new chalenge for me. I will try to feel you, understand your music style and plans, get prepared for the great event and finally offer you the greatest party of your life


    Reasons to Connect

    I belong to the Libra Zodiac Sign, so I try to have everything in balance. 

    I never stop improving

    I love remixes of vintage songs

    I enjoy playing with my sons, travelling, reading scientific and historic articles on the web

    Watching Star Wars movies again and again

    Stealing potato-chips from my son


  • Harris

    I don’t play music. Music Plays me
    • Wedding Host / DJ
    • Director of Ministry of music
    • Languages: French, English, Greek
    • Generation: Xenial

    As long as I can remember I was passionate about music and obsessed with collecting albums.

    It was only a matter of time till someone would ask me to dj at their party. And when it happened, during my studies in France, I was instantly hooked. I finally possessed the greater super power of all … the power to make people dance their feet off.

    It’s probably a bit vain but, through my sets, I wanna be remembered as the reason why everyone had the night of their lives. And when this happens I’m the happiest man alive.
    P.S. Fellow DJs stay away from french couples. They are MINE !!!

    Reasons to Connect

    Personal fact:
    Notary by day, DJ by night, dad of two boys in the middle

    Professional fact:
    If you want one and the same I’m not your guy

    Music fact:
    If you can’t listen to the whole album, it’s probably crap

    Random fact:
    I will never get tired of Friends (TV series)

    Guilty pleasure:
    Madona’s music videos

    Bad habit:
    I can’t stop my sets before sunrise. What can I say, I’ m a romantic

  • George

    The last thing people tell me at a wedding is good morning.
    • Full time DJ
    • Ideal for both International & Greek wedding parties
    • Speaks: English, Greek
    • Generation: Millenial

    My passion for music and entertainment started long time ago while performing live with my rock  band called “Adam & The Ants”,  jamming on my guitar.

    From there I've  got into DJing  at several bars, restaurants and night clubs in Athens while  hosting  a couple of  hundreds weddings & private parties across Greece, as one of the senior Wedding Republic talents.

    I love entertaining guests from all over the world and -sure- I know the "Greek way" of having fun. I know what to do and how to do it, to make your wedding party last till the sunrise. Do you have what it takes to follow my passion and energy?

    Reasons to Connect

    Nature doctor by day soul doctor by night

    When I do something I do it well till the end

    I prefer the original version

    You should try my chicken risotto

    Swimming naked

    Making guests skip the dinner and pack the dance floor

  • Timos

    Music is the answer to your problems. keep on moving till you solve them
    • Full time DJ / producer
    • Light jockey
    • Ideal for International Wedding parties
    • Speaks: English, Greek
    • Generation: Z

    Hello people of Wedding Republic,

    I am Timos Charalampopoulos, Dj at “Ministry of Music” and together we are going to "feel it"

    Based in Athens, Greece, my Dj background includes music and dance since I was sixteen, playing in high-school parties and later on, at several  Bars and Clubs.

    Back in 2016, Christos Nikas and Wedding Republic have trusted my Dj talent and I became a creative and very active  member of this family.

    During the winter I'm hosting some amazing parties downtown, and during the summer, I wear my suspenders and bowtie, touring all over Greece with Weeding Republic.

    Playing music , dancing and having fun with awesome couples from all over the world is what Greek summer feels like for me.


    Reasons to Connect

    Economics student in my free time after parties

    Outfit is your image

    ‘’Not everyone understands house music’’

    Skiing in the winter


    Recording very loud in my studio

  • Markos

    My music will tell you more about me, than I ever will
    • Full time DJ / Producer
    • Ideal for: International wedding parties
    • Speaks: English, Greek
    • Generation: Z

    Hi there.. this is Markos Koutoulakis aka Entropia.

    I have been a dj since a can remember myself.  I started playing the guitar when I was 12 and one thing lead to another.

    Music became my passion. My reason to leave bed every morning . I 've been studying economics and music production.

    I love funky grooves and dirty kicks. If you really love funky beats, R&B grooves and house, then I guess I am your guy.

    If you love dancing and singing then I am definitely your guy!

    Reasons to Connect

    Trying to hit a release on a record label

    Well awared of musical flow and peoples choice

    I play the guitar .. a little bit of piano .. harmonicas.. ukelele and I am into scratching

    I love my cat .. I have a tattoo of her on my arm

    New era trap rnb with no lyrical sense

    As @Christos says, volume is never enough

  • Panagiotis

    The MirrorBooth is a party within the party
    • Office manager
    • Mirror Booth host
    • Light Jockey
    • Speaks: English, Greek
    • Generation: Z

    I am the one doing the hard stuff.

    I'm keeping our headquarters in order. I will get everyone ready for your wedding party, supervise the technology, I will help you take some crazy photos in front of the mirror, I will be holding my 360 camera when you dance, I will create your amazing lightshow.

    I love Wedding Republic's parties but nothing compares to the boat trip before the big night. The longer the destination the bigger the fun.

    My ideal couple is the one that keeps going  from the dance floor to the mirror booth and back.

  • Andreas

  • Christos

    No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else
    • Full time, professional Host / Wedding DJ
    • Entertainment planner
    • Founder / Owner of Wedding Republic
    • Ideal for: Mixed / International parties
    • Speaks: English, Greek
    • Generation: X

    I have started my Dj career as Wedding DJ in 1996. My flawless open format music mixing ability, my insane drive for excellence, my professionalism, my love for exceptional aesthetics and my passion for sharing, have enabled me to become one of the most innovative and influencing wedding Djs in Greece.

    Trusted and recommended by by event planners, industry professionals and equipment manufacturers, I have managed to add a fresh dynamic perspective to the Greek wedding entertainment industry that very few in the local market can match.

    I will be honored to personally attend, host and DJ your special day.

    To ensure a custom high-end experience for each one of my amazing couples, I only choose to DJ a very limited number of weddings per year just with couples we share the same entertainment vision.

    Reasons to Connect

    Very active dad

    I want to outwork everyone in my local industry

    I love high energy music flow

    Speaking, bloging and coaching 

    Greek Souvlaki

    I play music loud!


  • Antonis

    Greek traditional music expert
    Ideal for weddings where traditional music is required (for families)
    Available for celebrations nationwide
    Generation X
    • Wedding Dj
    • Ideal for Greek traditional wedding parties

    I am Antonis Kostouros, husband to my wife Eleni and father of two boys.

    Being a father I'm giving my 110% of my efforts to make your guests have an amazing time, since I feel I'm djing my sons' wedding.

    I specialize in Greek music, both traditional and folk, and i can say just by a glimpse on the dancefloor what style exactly do your guests love to dance.

    I can't event think of an emty danefloor, so I'm always on a creative route to keep it full of smiling guests. Even if I have to dance with them.

    Should you are planing a wedding party and you want a telented and experience wedding DJ, specializing in traditionall music to ignite the party (before hitting the maistream international hits), stop searching.

    You have found your guy. I love what I do and this will be transfered to your parents and loved ones.


    Reasons to Connect

    Electronic enginear from Monday to Friday

    Happy to have the dance floor full of people

    I listen to Greek and traditional music three hours a day

    Diving, football, skiing, make me feel young


    Taking a nap on the couch

  • Agelos

    Creating a unique and raving wedding party is a way of life for me and the goal for all the couples that trust me.
    • Full time Weding / Night life DJ
    • Speaks: Greek, English
    • Ideal for International & Greek wedding parties
    • Generation X

    My story starts at the late 80's spining records in local bars & discos. Till the mid 90's, I was already a well known & established club DJ in my hometown Kavala and Macedonia, playing international or Greek music.

    In 2004 I was  the first DJ daring to combine those two music styles (greek & international), mixing them together with an open format style, and creating a trend.

    This is has been my style till today and I have infused its success in my wedding parties, turning them into an amazing club experience and a memorable night of love, happines and fun.

    Reasons to Connect

    In love with my job

    Addicted to great venues with packed dancefloors

    No matter what ... the beat goes on!

    Taking photos every day 

    Gadget maniac

    I can't resist sweets 

  • Loukas

    Sleep with a dream.Wake up with a purpose.
    • Full time wedding / nightlife DJ
    • Speaks Greek, English, German
    • Ideal for International parties
    • Rhodes based, available nationwide.
    • Generation: Millenial

    Hi, I am Loukas!

    Although born in Athens I was raised and am based in Rhodes where I have been a fixture in eclectic bars and private events all over the island for nearly 18 years.

    Since my early radio days on Radio1 Rhodes, one of the most prolific and influential top 40 radio stations in Greece, I have been trully blessed to hold residencies and play one-offs in some of the best local spots as well as having the privilege of rocking corporate events and weddings / private parties too numerous to list.

    For the past three years I have been the entertainments manager and main dj of Casa Cook Rhodes, an award winning project for a new approach in hotel design. My music library, largely influenced by sounds I picked up from my student years in Liverpool where I got my degree as an electronic engineer, is well diversified with an attention to meticulously joining the dots between soul, funk , jazz, disco, house, electronic beats and global sounds with one aim in mind: To bring joy, entertain and make it a night to remember for any room full of people from just about any generation or demographic while constantly pushing the boundaries of my personal expression.

    Reasons to Connect

    Problem Solver. Scorpio. Amateur Chef. Incurable musicaholic. In search of the perfect Negroni.

    Never leave home without that extra cable

    There are many kinds but only two types of music. Good and bad.

    I always flip my pillow to get the colder side

    Organizing and djing for cult 80's and 90's music parties

    I chew on straws sometimes

  • Nikos

    I've got a saxophone and I'm not afraid to use it
    • Saxophone performer
    • Music composer
    • Recording artist
    • Speaks English, Greek
    • Ideal for cocktail, dinenr and party time
  • Leida

    Happiness is a thing to be practised. Like the violin
    • Violonist
    • Music composer
    • Recording Artist
    • Ideal for cocktail, dinner and party time
    • Creative performance alongside our DJs
    • Speaks Greek, English
  • Percussions