Destination Entertainment


looking  for a dj in greece?

We are a "best wedding ever" oriented firm and and we love entertainment excellence, so probably yes. "We are the droids you 're looking for".

We are Athens-Greece based, providing our dj services  nationwide or worldwide. Over the last 6 years we  have focused specifically on international clientele, hosting / DJ-ing about 70 destination weddings a year, to the most amazing Greek islands (Paros, Mykonos, Sifnos, Serifos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, Thasos etc) and mainland locations (Pelion, Monemvasia, Pylos, Nafplio etc)

We love working with exceptionally normal couples and start a relationship that will surpass their wedding night.

where are you coming from? 

We know the challenges you are dealing with and we can help.
Entertaining couples and guests from around the globe is what we do best and of course our DJs know the Greek way of having fun. I 'm promising you that -no matter where you are coming from and no matter where you 're getting married-...

Your vision will become ours.

Your thoughts will be heard.

Your instuctions will be followed.

Your song requests will be played.

Your "do not play" list will be honored.

Your guests will be on the dance floor, no matter where they’re coming from.

You will discover that planning your wedding party was not that challenging.

Our record is a packed dance floor, with guests from 28 different countries.
Now, that's a challenge!

we plan - we travel - we party

Planning insanly fun wedding parties, traveling to the most amazing locations in Greece, contributing to life moments, partying all night long and taking selfies at sunrise with happy yet exhausted couples, is what life feels like in our world and guess what...

you are invited!