coming from the states?


Almost 30% of our annual wedding parties have to do with couples coming from the US to get married in Greece. Their preferred destinations are Mykonos, Paros, Costa Navarino in Pylos, Kefalonia, Corfu, and Crete and guess what...we love to travel.

Our workflow and presentation matches -and even exceeds- some of the most high-end entertainment firms in the US. How couldn't it, since we are drawing our inspiration from the most talented and hardworking industry professionals and mentors in the States.

Using the best video meeting tools and our custom online planning tools; managing our time difference in a way that will suit you best and communicating fluently in English, we will go through the planning process of your wedding party, step by step. 

Processional & recessional selections, walking the aisle song, cocktail music, dinner soundtrack, speeches and after party grooves so that everything will be absolutely perfect for you and your guests to enjoy.

Just to let you know. This is Greece. No 4-5 hours service here. How about seeing the sunrise together instead?

You will also enjoy a presentation very familiar to your experiences, with our amazing custom, hand made DJ booths, lighting, enhancements, the MirrorBooth and off course all your absolute "smashing hit" favorites. No matter if you love or hate "Don't stop believ' in", "Sweet Caroline" and "Living on a prayer", we will create a custom music soundtrack based on your style and preferences so we can bring everyone on the dance floor,  avoiding all cheesy stuff and line dances.

  • USA Wedding in Kefalonia

    Effie & Matt | July 2017

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