The new breed of wedding dj

why I do it

I have experienced that the more people you help, the greater the success you have and the best way of mastering something is start teaching it.
This is why one of my personal destinations is mentoring talented Djs and helping them  find what they really do, who they do it for,  how to do it more creatively and above all why they should do it.

why you should consider it

Regardless of what stage your business is at, you may need someone to challenge and push you. Someone to ask you the difficult questions and helps you gain both traction and perspective as your business grows.
I'm not going to make you a better DJ. I'm sure your talent overflows and your skills exceed the average.

What I can help you with is develop and optimize the business side of your art.

Build a brand that reflects your talent

Find and book clients that respect you and your contribution to their wedding

Establish  connection and build a "High care - High Trust - High value" service

Provide them with an outstanding & memorable experience

Price your value right and start getting paid what you worth.

Stand out the competition

Manage your image and your social media energy


"The new breed of wedding DJ" is an intensive, one on one, coaching session via mails & zoom platform, that lasts 14 weeks. During this period we will go through every aspect of a wedding entertainment business. From defining the right niche to expanding and from the first mail to the service agreement.

It will be taking place once a year, starting in November 2018 and it will be for a very limited number of candidates. The ones who deserve it.

who is it for

This program is ideal for any full time or part time wedding DJ who:

Starts now and want to achieve and success in this competitive industry.

Want to restart without rebranding 

Want to rebrand

Is ready to do the hard work it takes to success since I'm just going to point him to the right direction.

This is not for

the experienced professional who doesn't need or want to change

the ambitionless, lazy DJ, who doesn't care and thinks that booking some low paying weddings of 300€, is what success looks like.


why me

A coach delivers content based on his experiences and I have plenty to share. Stay assured  that I will tailor my coaching based on your needs.

I am full time professional Wedding DJ,  founder of Showtime, MirrorBooth, Wedding Republic, founder of WDJC and DJ Master Class, speaker and educator. I have been entertaining couples and guests from all over the world since 1996 and for the last 5 years I'm  inspiring wedding DJs -all over Greece- to raise the bar and claim their proven value in the wedding industry.

I am Christos Nikas and we can do awesome. Together.

Mentoring can be both in Greek & English  |  English reading ability will be helpful but not required