I have always been dreaming of returning to the wedding DJ community  the same generosity I had experienced following so many DJs from all over the world. DJs  who were sharing online, valuable information and inspiration for everybody to use.

It all started back in April 2013 when I created the first Facebook group for Wedding djs in Greece. A group that has flourished over the years and turned into something remarkable, I had the honor to envision, plan and organize with the valuable support and help of wedding industry's finest professionals.

  • Wedding DJ Convention

    The opposite of Networking is NOT working.
    • Education
    • Networking
    • Entertainment
    • Fun

    Each year, on March, more than 100 Event DJs and Event production & Entertainment firms, come together to learn, discuss, have fun, share, meet and connect, proving that Greek wedding DJ community cares.
    Those DJs care for one another, for their clients, for providing better service, raising the bar, and promoting Greece worldwide.

    The WDJC provides and amazing agenda presented by brilliant keynote speakers, covering a variety of topics such as, marketing, social media, performance, production, safety, DJ etiquette, Styling and inspirational speeches.


  • DJ Masterclass

    The true purpose of education is to make minds. Not careers.
    • DJ Workshops
    • Marketing
    • Business
    • Strategy
    • Social Media
    • Performance

    Right before or after the Wedding DJ Convention, there is another educational event that takes place and hade the honor to create and organize.
    DJ Masterclasses are some outstanding workshops for a limited amount of DJs who really want to step up their game.
    A talented group of tutors, coaches and mentors share their secrets in Mixing skills, Marketing, Social Media and DJ business & strategy, during an intense 8-10 hour schedule.

    You will be very fortunate should you happen to work with one of our alumni.