Ministry of Sharing



I'm Christos Nikas, owner of Wedding Republic and I always believed that you have to give so you can make space for new things to come.
I also -firmly- believe in the value that comes from community; the greatness that can be accomplished together with other people, as opposed to the struggle that comes with separation and isolation. 

I grind daily trying to motivate other wedding DJs connect with each other, care for one another, help one another, develop work ethics and see the true value of a healthy competition.
The reason I will never stop sharing, is that seeing someone grow, reaching his goals & earn the money he deserves, knowing that I was able to be there for him, providing something useful and constructive, is what success means to me.

Since 2009 I have inspired dozens of Wedding Djs in Greece & Cyprus to value their service better, raise the bar, become more efficient and achieve more. Understand and realize that Wedding Entertainment is a real job and -actually- a brilliant career choice.

The time has come to scale it up, so I've created the Ministry of  Sharing.