To blog is...

to care, to share, to connect, to inspire!

Hey, this is Christos.

This blog is intended, for the couples and DJs who want to get inspiration and stand above average.
Couples in Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Lebanon, India, South Africa and of course many other countries, that are planning their wedding in Greece and the Greek wedding DJ community that I love and have never stopped helping & motivating, for almost 10 years now.

Anything written here should be kept within the context of  4 facts.

  1.  I am a Wedding DJ. As simple as that. I'm not the Wallmart of DJs or "Jack of all trades, master of none".
  2.  I love weddings so I do just that, specializing in Destination Weddings, anywhere in Greece.
  3.  I am Greek so all my advice has to do with the local market and industry's reality. Some of the content is written very specifically for the benefit of Greek wedding professionals (This is why all "FOR wedding pros" posts are in Greek)
  4.  I believe that couples deserve the best possible entertainment at their wedding (even if sometimes they haven't realized the value of a great DJ) and I'm trying my best to make this happen. No one deserves a bad DJ service. Not even your worst enemy and the solution is...

Education - Inspiration - Motivation.  Not "excommunication"

Enjoy the reading & may the fun be with you!