• Confetti Canon

    There is excitment in the air
    • Fresh
    • Dynamic
    • Wow effect
    • High energy
    • Photographer's huge love
    • Groom's new favorite toy

    The music keep climaxing. Everybody is getting ready for their favorite part of the song. The moment is now and suddenly... there is some magic in the air!

    We can guarantee the only person who won’t like a confetti canon at your wedding is the one who’s cleaning it up. Confetti is like magical paper: the cost is relatively low and it has an insanely enchanting effect.
    There is nothing that can create the wow effect better than a confetti cannon. Every single time we blast this "white & silver magic" in the air, everyone goes crazy!
    Their "wowing" will cover the music every time. Guaranteed!


    You can envision it

    During your entrance

    During the crescendo of your first dance

    During any high energy moment of the party (our favorite)


  • Co2 cannons & blasters

    If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it means you should do it
    • Astonishing
    • Wow factror
    • High energy
    • Unique
    • Completely safe

    Over the years this is a question that has been asked a lot.  What is a CO2 Cannon?  A CO2 Cannon is a valve system with special engineered tubes that use CO2 (a natural colorless & odorless gas, vital to life on earth) to create stunning, dense white fog clouds.

    The moment the CO2 from the tank is released through the Cannon it instantly, and rapidly expands. This reaction results in dense white fog clouds that are chill and visually stunning.

    Another great aspect of the CO2 fog is that it evaporates instantly. This awesome effect has a wide range of uses such as; nightclubs to cool the dancefloor, production companies for visual effects, and amazing wedding parties. This effect is very effective when used properly and it will take your wedding party to the next level of fun and excitement.

    You can envision it

    As the big surprise for your guests during the party

    During high energy moments

    Even at your entrance