Our process

Let's do awesome. Together.

I want it all!

Hopefully, so are you

If I was planning my own destination wedding, having to arrange everything remotely I would be looking to work with the most friendly, professional, helpful, organized, fast, flexible, efficient, creative, communicable and fun wedding vendors.

The ones who I could easily talk to (in English or French) and share my vision with, who use the best communication tools available (video meeting tools, online planning tools etc), those who would provide me with a solid service agreement and make me feel relaxed and safe for trusting them with my wedding's success.

This is exactly why our mindset, process, workflow, orientation, communication, and customer service are laser-focused on providing you with the absolute best experience. From our first hello to the last song of your outstanding party.

First hello

Once you have read & seen enough and you are caring to talk about your wedding, I would like you to fill in our beautiful form and introduce yourselves. I would love to know you better so we can make your celebration the way you want it. Without taking any chances. The way it should be!

Cue Magic

The moment you hit send, the magic starts to happen.
Our online event planning system will immediately create your own private area on our website and we will start our creative & warm conversation, answering all your questions and being super helpful.


Create your package & get the exact pricing

When you feel ready, we will arrange a video chat to talk more about your wedding.
You will get access to a private area where you will see our most preferred packages and our a la carte options.
Together we will create your entertainment proposal based on your needs, preferences and we will work on it until we come down to the ideal plan for your wedding party!

Plan your party & music

Let's get creative
Having your perfect proposal decided, we will seal the deal with a little bit of paperwork and we will start planning your custom entertainment experience.
We will go through your ceremony music, cocktail music, dinner music, after party music, introductions, special songs, speeches, party flow, reception timeline, special happenings, logistics, presentation, and every other issue -big or small- that may concern you.
You will also get to connect with your DJ and develop the right chemistry together.

Everything on your smartphone. The fastest, easiest and most efficient part of your wedding planning journey.

It's Showtime

To wrap up our time together, we’ll set-up an amazing presentation, making sure that everything is perfect and everybody will end up on the dance floor, having the time of their lives, praising you for this extraordinary entertainment experience.


Stay in touch

Days after the loud music, the dance, love, and craziness of your party, after you get back from your honeymoon, we will send you some cool photos and footage we have captured during your celebration (or perhaps our blog/vlog post from your wedding), and ask you to provide us with a review. Just a few words from the heart on how was your Wedding republic experience.

So...What are you waiting for?

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