Wedding Lighting

Your Photographer will love you

Imagine you could influence the mood of your guests, right as they enter the door - with expertly created lighting, you can!

Enticed, excited, relaxed?

The power of color and light on human emotions is scientifically proven, and we can use it to set the perfect atmosphere for your event.

With a great variety of options, such as Dance floor lighting •Venue Uplighting • String/Fairy lights • Table Pinspotting & Projections, you can be sure that your vision will come to life.

Of all the wedding decor options, lighting design is the ultimate element that will set the tone for your wedding. More than just illuminating a room, imaginative and well-planned lighting will establish your ideal environment, transforming your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are the top lighting trends that will bathe your guests in a jaw-dropping lighting experience and make your photographer love you!