Most of our weddings include one Greek in the couple's equation (sometimes called bride or groom) and sometimes two. Couples that live in Greece or abroad, planning an outstanding, fresh and out of the ordinary wedding party. 

Do not you dare assume that, dealing with so many international weddings- have we forgot what Greek music sounds like, and how the "Greek way of having fun" feels like. We may think that too much "klarino music" and stereotypes are outdated and boring, but rest assured that, if the family insists, we will stand up to the requirements of your entertainment. We have even got our own traditional DJ music specialist.

We have managed to completely redefine the Greek wedding party. Forget generic & average. Embrace awesome!

We will add a fresh dynamic to your wedding party, following your instructions and music style, creating the feeling of your favorite mainstream nightclub or "bouzoukia-club", respecting the uniqueness of your party and guest list.

At this point, I have absolutely no idea how your party will be. Each celebration starts as a blank page, but I can promise you this;

Delivering absolutely awesome entertainment is what we do best!

  • Greek Wedding DJ in Milos

    DJ: Konstantinos Nikas | Video: https://www.beyondfilms.gr/