You should think what will a Greek Dj know about Indian Weddings?
Well... more than you think since we have hosted several  Indian weddings in Athens, Paros, Santorini, Crete. Some of them were traditional weddings with both bride & groom from India. It had the Barrat and the Sangeet and everything. We got so excited!

The rest were mixed weddings (Greek-Indian, Irish-Indian etc) but with so many guests and music from India. We absolutely love Indian music. I even have a -rather big- mp3 collection that I enjoy listening to while driving. From nice lounge music for your cocktail to the high energy Indian & international hits, we will make sure that your wedding party will be remembered!


Thank you notes from our indian weddings

Our wedding wouldn't have been half as wonderful if it hasn't been for the hard work, cooperation, friendliness and competence shown by DJ Harris.

We had an Indian wedding, with multiple functions and multiple song requests at select times and Harris worked with us at all times to make sure we got the perfect party. It is no mean feat to accomplish this for a wedding party heavily filled with songs in another language, and I have so much respect for Harris to be able to understand the songs and plan the playlist in granular detail. The wedding party was even better than the pre-wedding party and we ended up partying for 5 hours straight (and could have gone for longer were the venue not closing!) Thank you so much Harris for your services during our wedding, you made it such a memorable experience for us :)  

Anu & Sandosh | June 2017 - Santorini

The music was amazing and kept everyone on the dance floor all night!!! A perfect mix of what we asked for.

We were so happy with the DJ services provided by Christos and Wedding Republic for our wedding. Christos was very professional and everything went flawlessly throughout the night, we are so happy we had him as our DJ!! Thanks for making our night so memorable!

Palak & Stamatis | September 2017 - Crete

Enjoy this amazing video from a recent Indian wedding and I hope that I 'll get the chance to listen to your dream about your wedding party in Greece.

  • Indian-Greek Wedding in Crete

    Katerina & Boney | September 2018