photobooth? mirrorbooth!

If you like the idea of having a photo booth at your private or social event, get ready to fall in love with the "Mirror Booth” We are introducing the most gorgeous, sexy, familiar and easy to use "photo booth experience" in the world. An experience that not only looks & feels absolutely amazing but will enhance your wedding celebration anywhere in Greece. 

wow. tell me more

The Mirror Booth is a full-length mirror with a hidden camera. The unique adaptation has the capacity to communicate with guests through animations appearing as though they are displayed directly on the mirror. As soon as the guests approach the Mirror, they will be amazed by this new technology. They will be able to touch the mirror and take their photos, while the mirror kindly gives the guests compliments and leads them through the fun workflow that you planned for them.

what's so special?

The Mirror Booth has everything a standard Photo Booth offers, plus so many more amazing features, without any of the disadvantages of the traditional Photo Booths

Just by looking at it, you know that is the ideal solution for your wedding or event wherever it takes place. This Mirror will blend in perfectly at a classy hotel ballroom, a beautiful estate and at any beach bar/venue in Paros, Mykonos, Santorini... anywhere. So, are you ready to stand in front of the most amazing mirror in the world? Get ready to add instant glamour & fun to your wedding with the most amazing photo-booth, EVER! The Mirror Booth.

You can reserve the Mirror as an add-on to our entertainment services or as a stand-alone service.