DJ Pricing

How much entertainment excellence costs?

We understand that budget is important and you need to know prices so you can plan easier.
We've been in your shoes planning our own wedding a few years ago, so let us help you right away.

If I had to give you one advice about your wedding party that would be “Go for Wedding Republic”! It’s a 100% success! 

We have planned our wedding on our own and we know how hard is to find trustworthy teams to work with. Before we were introduced to the Wedding Republic Djs and Christos we have already had an extended research, so we have already had a good idea of similar companies and yet we haven’t had decided with whom we would work with.  We are so glad to have chosen Wedding Republic! They made our special day the most beautiful, emotional and memorable day we could have ever imagine. 

Lina & Nikos | Nafplio 2018

We believe in great value!

We love working with exceptionally normal couples and start a relationship that will surpass their wedding night.

What we bring is passion, hard work, experience, and the desire to be the best performers possible on your special night. The outcome is a dance floor full of happy faces & people having the time of their lives! 

When you reserve us as a partner on your big day, you're getting the support of an insanely talented and passionate team, committed to making your Wedding an example of how fun and incredible a wedding can be! 

If this is what you are looking for...

Saturday pricing starts at 1500€ and our most preferred packages average at 4000€

For Friday & Sunday Weddings, prices start at 950€
We also offer incentive pricing for off-season and weekdays weddings (Monday to Thursday).

They are exactly the kind of people who you want to assign with one of the most important aspects of your wedding...the music.

But they even go beyond this they become your trusted, unbiased event advisors!  Harris was our DJ for two nights and collected praise from all our guests! We already knew his work from previous events so it came as no surprise that both days Harris was able to "read" the crowd and the mood and created a great atmosphere and an amazing party.   

Giannis & Marianthi | Hydra, 2016

Would you like to arrange a creative online meeting so you can tell us about your needs and preferences? During this call, you will discover the magic of your "online planning platform" so you can choose one of our packages or design your wedding, exactly how you want it to be and avoid dealing with services you don't need.  What do you think?