Your 3rd Aunt Harriet

February 23, 2018 Christos Nikas

This is Christos.

A massive welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing!

In my -more than two decades- Wedding Dj course,  I have hosted weddings from 12 guests up to 700 guests.

Unless it's a really small, intimate wedding, your guest crowd will have a nice variety for your DJ to work with.

Best friends, close family members, good friends, more family and maybe some acquaintances.

I'm pretty sure just being there, makes them important to you -one way or another-.
I'm also sure though, that your maid of honor, your best man and this specific group of people are more "special" than your 3rd aunt Harriet or your dad's colleagues from work.


You and we want everyone to have an amazing time during your after party -there is no doubt- so don't get me wrong. How about setting some priorities though?


  • Prioritizing allows you to identify the most important goals at any moment and give those goals more of your attention, energy, and time.
  • It allows you to spend more time on the right things.
  • Prioritization will help you to plan and us to perform in the most efficient way and bring your entertainment vision to life


What I'm practicing and teaching to other wedding DJs, is the "Circle of  Fun-Care"

Everyone in this circle is important to us, as they are to you.
We are not going to care for example if your caterer or photographer are having a good time with the music, but we will care for each and every one of your guests.

However, we do have set our priorities.

1. You. The couple!
You are in the center.
This is your wedding, and our main focus is for you to have a blast. Who you are will be reflected across the whole party.

2. Your closest friends and family
Those who will stay till the sunrise. Those who are "crazy" enough and they will take your party to the next level of fun. You know who I'm talking about. ;) Oh yes. Those guys and gals.

3. Rest of the family and friends
You love them and you are honored having them at your wedding.

4. Acquaintances and distant relatives
Most of the times they will go to bed earlier than the rest, but don't get surprised if they don't. 

My goal is to give your party a personality, inspired and dictated by you. I want everyone to feel deep in their souls that this is your celebration and vision.

To do so we will have to maintain focus on what YOU want.

We care about YOU.
We are not going to care about your 3rd aunt Harriet unless you do.

Then we will.

May the fun be with you