My perfect couple

March 06, 2018 Christos Nikas

Hey. This is Christos.

A massive welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing!


People often think we do high profile weddings. My fellow DJs think I do just high profile weddings. My friends think the same. Damn, even my parents think so.

We are not working  for "celebrities". We rather work with some exceptionally normal people. (as my Canadian DJ friend Dave Ternier likes to put it)

What I proudly do though, is that we treat every wedding as a high profile wedding, since, -on that day- each couple is a celebrity among their loved ones.


And we won't work just with anybody that is willing to pay our fee.


A business relationship is exactly that. A relationship.

A situation where both parties want to be in, willingly and ready to contribute.

I may be good for you or you may be good for me, but has to apply both ways.
I am always looking to find and develop the right chemistry and trust me, once we see that we are a good fit,  I will do anything for this relationship to bloom.


So, what does my ideal couple look like?

  • They are well educated.
  • They are simple and warm.
  • They are open minded.
  • Average doesn't work for them.
  • They coming from the States, UK, Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa (and any other amazing location including our beautiful country Greece)
  • They speak English, Greek or  French.
  • They want to end their celebration with  a great party. An absolute blast.
  • They have a diverse group of guests.
  • They like planning their wedding together as a couple.
  • They want to please their guests but they also set boundaries.
  • They are not rich but they are willing to invest in value.
  • The wedding is their own vision and not their parents'.
  • They want to put effort and ideas into their celebration so they can leave their guests with nothing but "wow" moments and memories.
  • I feel an urge to overdeliver
  • They are looking for an outstanding professional to work with them and not for them.

And every couple that honors me with the responsibility of representing them during their wedding party.

Now that I have opened my heart, what is your ideal entertainment professional?

May the fun be with you