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We have a pretty good idea what you 're planning during the Greek summer and we know there is an amazing party involved...

We are a wedding dj entertaiment firm and we help couples from all over the world,  create the most personal and unique "grand finale" for their wedding day in Greece; experience an outstanding wedding party, and share unforgettable moments of love, joy and fun with their closest friends and family.

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Wedding Republic's website is a whole world for you to explore during your wedding planning period. Check out our ministries of fun, get information on our wedding blog,  take advantage of our online planning tools, follow us on social media and enjoy spending some time with us on-line.

Would you like a DJ firm that is constantly shuttering th standards, raising the bar and delivering awesome wedding parties, thinking both in and outside the box?

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We provide just one stellar service.


We will help you design, plan and bring your wedding entertainment vision to life; enjoying an amazing party experience, with your family & friends, dancing, laughing, jumping around, falling in love, having a blast.

1. 22 years of experience  2. Lazer focus DJs on hosting  just destination weddings in Greece  3. A specific process  4. On line planing tools  5. Talented DJs & Artists  6. Game changing technology (sound, lighting, enhancements)  7. Team work with your vendors and  8. An outstanding presentation... all serving and complimenting your unique personality & story!

Our service usualy starts 8-14 months prior to your wedding and climaxes on your wedding day with your amazing after party.
I promise you that it will be so personal, unique and fun, that it will stand out, looking & feeling like no other.

Best Wedding ever! Would you want it any other way?



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