Greek Wedding DJ Convention 2018

To amazing weddings we March

March 19, 2018 Christos Nikas
photographer: Nikos Mylonas

Hey, this is Christos.

A massive welcome and thanx for being here. You are amazing.


I just love March and the feeling has nothing to do with spring time.

March is convention month. This is when Greece's national Wedding Dj convention takes place.

On March 10-11 (this year), 130 talented wedding DJs got together to share, to connect, to learn, to evolve, to maintain their course towards success. 130 wedding DJs getting all the equipment needed to raise the bar and provide outstanding services to couples like you.

My excitement is double since I'm not only a professional wedding dj, but also the founder and organizer of this project.

Managing to bring so many competitors together, is not an easy task. Trust, respect and months of hard work is just a fraction of what it takes to make this convention a reality.

Speakers, coaches, tutors and mentors from all over Greece and abroad were there to share with the most talented Greek Wedding Djs, some of their wisdom on Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Performance, Pricing, Self Promotion, production, planning and new technologies.

Wedding Djs from all over Greece & Cyprus, had the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to capture their work properly on video, using just their mobile phones.
  • Getting the right recommendations and endorsements
  • Showcasing their work on Youtube
  • Using Facebook in the most eficient way
  • Learn how to protect their hearing 
  • See and get familiar with the most advanced DJ equipment in the market
  • Enjoy celebrity DJs perform

They also had the chance of talking together on

  • Production
  • Outsourcing
  • Sound & lighting tips
  • Crisis Management
  • Their clients and how to serve them better
  • Value, advertising, destination weddings and design

All this in a friendly, creative, open minded and fun mood.

Here are some of the amazing reviews I had the honor of receiving on the Convention's evaluation forms.

I'm greatful having the honor of speaking at a community brave enough to meet their competitors, talk to them and trying to find common ground and solutions. An enviroment so warm and cosy and a community that I felt being part of, even though I'm not a DJ. Congratulations to Christos Nikas, founder and organizer and all his supporters, for achiving this goal in a society that considers cooperation to be a taboo. 
- Tolee Fotitzidis | Strategist

This convention is a true revolution to our industry. So many talented professionals got together for the second time during an amazing weekend, working for the common good. We will continue to attend WDJC aiming for happier couples and happier wedding professionals. Thank you"
-M. Gemenoglou | Event DJ

Since 2017 -having faith in mr. Christos Nikas- the convention keeps surpassing my expectations. Where do I sign for 2019?
-A. Basianas | Event DJ

The first convention was an experiment that worked, but this year was and unquestionable and confirmed success!
The best weekend of my career. Friends and colleagues from all over Greece in one place, exchanging ideas, exeriences and knowledge. Some of the best busines coaches, showing you who you can become if you trully want to. Thank you Christos Nikas once again for showing me where I want to go and who I don't want to be any more. WDJC 2019 loading...
-C. Margaritis | Event DJ

I'm thrilled being able to attend WDJC for a second time. It was an amazing and flawlesly organized event. A great concept and idea that reflects the high standards of its founder, Christos Nikas. I'm leaving with so many useful information, having got to know so many new talented fellow DJs. A huge "thanx" to all speakers for sharing their experience, knowlege and ideas with us.
S. Konstantopoulos | Event DJ

Should you are planning a wedding in Greece, stay assured that there are dozens of amazing, well trained professionals, ready to take your wedding party to the next level.

Just make sure they have attended the WDJC.

May the fun be with you