Are you asking the right questions before booking your DJ in Greece?

March 28, 2018 Christos Nikas
Reading time: 4'
Photographer: George Pahountis

Hey, this is Christos
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Planning a destination wedding is a challenge and finding the right vendors, is a key factor for your celebration's success.

When it comes to looking for a wedding DJ, I have the right 10 questions for you  to ask, that will make the whole process a walk in the park.

5 of them are for you to answer and the other 5 are for your DJ candidates.

Questions to ask yourselves

  1. How important is great music & entertainment for us and how high on our priorities?
  2. What is our biggest entertainment challenge, planning our wedding in Greece?
  3. What exactly do we expect our Wedding Dj to deliver?
  4. What is our vision for that night? (Both entertainment wise and production wise.)
  5. Planning the entertainment for our wedding reception, what is the amount of money we wouldn't like to exceed? Are we willing to move things around if something outstanding comes across?


Questions to ask your DJ candidates

  1. How can you stand up to our expectations and deliver what we wish?
    (Should music/entertainment is high on your list)
  2. How can you help us deal with our challenge?
    (check personal question #2)
  3. What is your process and how will you provide us with the most efficient and professional way of planning our entertainment without ever meeting you face to face? Can you communicate fluently in English both in writing and speaking? (or in French for some couples)
    This may sound obvious, but it's not, so don't take it for granted. You are going to spend 6-12 months planning your night with your DJ, talking via skype, exchanging e-mails, answering questions, talking about the most important night of your life. In addition, on your special day, you will have dozens of guests on the dance floor, talking or giving him requests. So make sure to provide you and your guests a pleasant and stress free experience. Make sure that your vision will be perfectly clear and delivered unaltered to your DJ.
  4. Can you showcase your service quality?
    Reviews, testimonials, vlogs, videos, endorsements, social media buzzing.
  5. Can you work in our given budget line?

Use them wisely and you will end up with your ideal DJ, who's going to bring your vision to life and turn your wedding night into the most amazing celebration.

May the fun be with you

p.s. You can ask me, but this would have been "cheating". I know the answers. ;)