This is why you don't want a budget DJ

October 29, 2018 Christos Nikas

Hey, this is Christos
A massive welcome and thank you for being here. You are amazing!

As the founder/organizer of Greece's national Wedding Dj Convention, a DJ educator, and administrator to both major  Facebook groups for Greek Wedding DJs, I hear this all the time from high priced DJs.

"I care about my clients and I want to do more for them"

This wedding DJ will go this extra mile for you. You feel it.
He has done the same for so many others and he will continue doing this because this is what he does. He cares.
Based on his fellow DJs, "He has to since he charges that much"!


He won't do more because he is charging more.
He is earning more because he is doing more!
He is doing more because he is caring more.
His priority is to do more.
His price is the best indicator of the value this mindset brings to the table.

I also hear this from DJs...

"I wish  I could  charge more so I can do more."
Think about it for a second...
Those DJs have made a business choice.
They have chosen to compete on price rather than service quality. 
You are going to get much less, from someone who knows he is providing you with less and that he is coming short on your special day.

There is no motivation to work hard for your vision.
Why shed sweat, blood & tears when he has nothing to gain?
Why care for a stranger?
For "just another wedding"...

He will do less because he cares less.
He cares less because he is earning less.
He is earning less because he is charging less (his choice) 
His priority is to provide less so he can make a profit.
His "Low quality - Low care - Low price" service,  is the result of that mindset.

Are you after great service, remarkable results and getting more?
Choose the right mindset.
You don't care? You are definitely on the wrong website because I already care for your wedding and I want to do more.

May the fun be with you