Success is all about mastering your skills and helping as many as you can.

Video chat with DJs

30'-60',  FREE 1 on 1 consultation sessions with DJs

Twice a week I m having my morning coffee with a DJ, casually talking  about anything that may concern him. From  pricing, packaging, target group and communicating value to WDJC, branding and general topics.
I don't have all the answers so I'm very interested in knowing what others think and they may find value in getting to know what I think and seeing things from my perspective.
May be the most valuable coffee time one may have.

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WDJC Live Sessions

60' - 90' Live video sessions

Weekly live interviews and panels, arguing about "hot" issues with fellow DJs, and industry professionals so we can connect the dots and see the big picture.


Strictly for WDJC group members


e-magazine (coming soon)

Mobile biz is a free, small e-magazine for the Greek event DJ
It's an amazing collection of articles from talented DJs and experts, covering the 6 basic sections of today's entertainment professional.
Planning | Production | Performance | Marketing | Sales | Operations

Helping couples

Pro bono keynote speaking

Should you are planning or  hosting an event to educate/help brides, I'm willing to help you, talking to and introducing them to the amazing world of Entertainment Planning.

Need inspiration on topics?
How to spot your ideal Wedding DJ  -  How to approach him / What to ask / What to expect  -  Wedding Lighting made simple  -   Music programming for the night  -  What hides behind pricing  -  10 questions you should ask your wedding DJ  -  "The golden circle of fun-care"  -  Floor planning... and much,  much more!

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You will find plenty of my written thoughts both on this site and several amazing wedding blogs, informing, educating & inspiring Wedding DJs and couples to pursuit entertainment excellence and stand above average.
You can get inspired on:

My Blog | Love4Weddings | Getting Married in Greece | Chic & Stylish Weddings


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