Good public speaking is based on good private thinking.

Looking to spice up your next event, seminar, or conference?

Christos has captivated wedding professionals from all over Greece & Cyprus with his wit, passion and sometimes cruel honesty. His fresh, fun perspective inspires everyone to take the challenges of doing business in stride with a touch of stand-up comedy  and purpose.

Let’s just be real for a minute: you don't want a boring speaker. Dull presentations are bad for business. Audiences have become conditioned to receiving information with a dose of entertainment, and that makes humor a critical tool for any professional communicator.
Grab and hold your audience’s interest, making your message stickier and ultimately more persuasive. In a world full of bland, dull speakers, if you stand out, you win. Everybody wins!

Natural born entertainer, with an artistic & design background  (MA in Visual Communication & Design Management), his preoccupation with marketing, and his 22 year experience in the event entertainment field, make him an excellent choice of speaker at any type of event in the Wedding industry. Should you -particularly- host an event to educate / help brides, he is willing to help pro bono.


MARCH 25-26, 2017 | Wedding DJ Convention
"The Evolution of the Wedding DJ" | 60'

November 29-30, 2017 | Wedding Circle
"How to be creative and stand out" | 45'


MARCH 10-11, 2018 | Wedding DJ Convention
Hosting the convention

Short session on commoditization &  pricing 


Speaking can be both in Greek & English.



This is something I was planning for a couple of years now and finaly everything is set.
I'm having my first book published in 2018 and allow me to unveil more details in due time.